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Our digital marketing, branding, and social media strategies have been used with great success across the mental health, substance abuse treatment, tech, and finance industries.

Our Mission

We Build Stronger Brands

At Alan + Co., we're not just a marketing agency; we're a dynamic, innovative co-op of experts who specialize in digital marketing, media, and business consulting. Our team brings diverse backgrounds and skills to the table, enabling us to craft digital empires for our clients.

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What Sets Us Apart?

If you have experience with other agencies, it's important to note that Alan + Co. operates in a unique way. Instead of using pre-made campaign templates, we create customized campaigns based on the specific requirements, objectives, and preferences of the brand.

Here's what makes us different from our competitors.

Data-Driven Strategy

We're masters at leveraging content, social media, marTech, and targeted advertising to connect with consumers across multiple touchpoints.

Branding + Brand Development

Our campaigns are designed to boost brand visibility, resulting in increased web traffic, higher social media engagement, and a cohesive brand identity with consistent messaging.

Search Engine Marketing

It's about more than just applying SEO best practices and a few growth hacks. We bring a deep understanding of search algorithms, which is incorporated into every stage of our content production.


Our clients span many sectors and industries, giving us experience creating media and developing promotional campaigns for companies in mental health, substance abuse treatment, finance, tech, and many more..

On the Menu

What We Do

As a full-service digital marketing agency, Alan + Co. offers a complete suite of creative, strategic, and growth consulting services.

Web Design + Development
Local + National SEO
Search Engine Marketing
Branding + Brand Strategy
Content Development + Creation
Graphic + UX Design
Lead Generation + Conversion Funnels
Paid Ads + Social Ads + PPC
Industry Research + Market Analysis
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Bringing community to your brand

Boosting Your Brand's Market Share

According to 61 percent of business owners, repeat customers account for over half of their annual revenue, illustrating the immense value of brand loyalty.

Alan + Co. clients see substantial growth in referrals and repeat business because of our emphasis on cultivating an active, engaged community around their businesses. As their communities grow and brand awareness increases, our clients see extraordinary dividends in terms of their conversation, sales, and revenue.

It's not just clients in sales who benefit from creating more brand awareness: Even our clients in the mental health and substance abuse treatment industries see increased admissions as their brand messages reach wider and more diverse audiences.

Advocates for Your Company

Masters of Business Growth

Take a moment to think about these sobering facts: According to recent data, 20 percent of new businesses fail within with the first year. By the fifth year, only 40 percent are still operational. Then by the tenth year, under 14 percent of those businesses remain open.

Although we welcome the opportunity to work with companies of any size, much of what we do at a+c is help younger and smaller businesses to grow and thrive. With decades of combined entrepreneurial experience, we share hard-won knowledge, skills, and marketing strategies in order to help our clients' businesses reach new heights.

If you would like to discuss how we take your business from ordinary to extraordinary, contact us today for a free consultation.

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