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Advertisers and websites interested in the PPC revenue stream face two major obstacles: click fraud and ad blockers. 
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Paid media is a commonly used method in which companies spend money to ramp up their digital reach in an attempt to get their product or brand in front of as many customers as possible.
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Businesses that want to excel despite unprecedented competition levels need to have an SEM strategy that incorporates different types of search engine marketing.
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“Trigger marketing” is a powerful automated customer communications tool that sends personalized messages to customers throughout their journey.
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Structured data pertains to a common format that is utilized to arrange and present information on the internet in a manner that facilitates search engine comprehension.
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When these triggers are used and understood correctly, they significantly influence marketing initiatives and help firms succeed.
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Marketers have found branded content to not only present a better return on investment than traditional methods but it also has a much lower barrier to entry and can be implemented with limited teams. 
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Semantic SEO builds a curated search engine experience for users and incentivizes high-quality writers to ply their trade.
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SEO and SEM are often used interchangeably, but they differ in costs, goals, and results.

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